Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ex-seaman goes on shooting spree at Jaro

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

HOMICIDE charges are up against a trigger-happy ex-seaman from Jaro, Iloilo City who allegedly shot a 25-year-old-lad Saturday evening.
After a day of negotiations, Danilo Ventura, 60, of Barangay Cubay, Jaro surrendered to Chief Insp. Kashmir Disomangcop, Jaro police chief, Sunday.
Ventura is the suspect in the shooting to death of Vergil Hernandez of Sitio Paraiso, Barangay Cubay 10:30pm Saturday.
Before Hernandez’s death, two other men accused Ventura of shooting them.
SPO1 Jose Barce, investigator assigned to the case, said the Venturas called up the police station 10:45pm Saturday informing them of a break-in at the said house.
When the Jaro police arrived, Danilo’s son Danzel said a person was lying at the back portion of their compound.
Upon closer inspection, Barce said they saw the bloodied Hernandez lying on his face.
The police rushed the victim to the West Visayas State University Medical Center but he was declared dead on arrival.
Attending doctors said Hernandez succumbed to a gunshot wound on the nape.
Scene of the crime operatives recovered inside the Ventura compound three empty caliber 45 shells and a stereo cassette (Makamuchi brand). Outside of the residence near the area where Hernandez’s body was found, investigators retrieved an empty shell of the same caliber and an oven toaster.
During the initial investigations, Ventura blamed Hernandez for trying to steal from his house.
The suspect admitted at first that he shot the victim only to retract later and blamed an unidentified househelp for the crime. But on Sunday, Ventura eventually turned himself to the police and admitted the shooting.
Ventura refused to be interviewed yesterday inside the Jaro PNP lockup cell.
Ventura’s neighbors have always been wary over passing by the back portion of the latter’s property lest they be suspected as burglars and get shot.
Hernandez’s family denied that Vergil was a robber. His mother said she last saw her son alive when he played basketball with the barangay team.
At around 9pm, the victim went home ahead of the team. His team jokingly warned him against passing by the Venturas or he will be shot.
Prior to Vergil’s shooting, two more lads, Kenneth Davila, 20, and Joemarie Corsino, 23, also of Barangay Cubay claimed they were shot at while passing the Ventura residence. Luckily for the two, the assailant missed his aim.
Davila said he warned Corsino not to pass by the area but the latter insisted to take the shorter way via the former seaman’s house.
Cubay residents said Ventura is suffering from nervous breakdown which might be the reason for his alleged shooting spree.
The Venturas said they only use their gun to scare burglars who want to break into their home.
“There were times when some of our naughty neighbors would stone our roof as if taunting us,” said a family member who refused to be named.
The suspect’s family also denied that Danilo was suffering nervous breakdown. “It’s his wife, not him.”

‘Power woes will scare investors’

By Jeehan V. Fernandez

Lack of sustainable source of energy will affect efforts to invite investors to the city and province of Iloilo.
This was the apprehension of Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas yesterday as regards the lack of a baseload plant which will supply electrical power to the city.
Treñas said the city government will have a hard time wooing investors if the inadequate power supply is not addressed immediately.
“I am worried with the city’s growth since power is very important in running the economy,” Treñas told reporters yesterday.
The mayor said two major call centers are planning to come in to city but he fears these ventures will be discouraged by the high price of power and lack of a reliable energy source.
But Treñas said Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Raphael Lotilla assured to address the local power supply dilemma.
Iloilo City’s energy problems came up when Mirant Global Philippines announced it might shut down Panay Power Corporation’s (PPC) 72-MW facility at LaPaz district due to financial problems.
PPC’s operation was severely affected by the Energy Regulatory Commission’s order to cut Panay Electric Company’s (Peco) generation charges.
Mirant officials said what Peco pays PPC is not enough to pay for fuel to keep the plant running. Peco reportedly owes PPC P360million since September.
If not for the emergency fuel delivered by Pilipinas Shell to PPC last week, Iloilo City may have plunged into darkness on December 15.
The emergency fuel was supposed to run out yesterday but Treñas said the National Power Corporation (Napocor), through the efforts of Lotilla, will supply PPC with fuel which will last until January 8, 2006.
Treñas reiterated the need to put up a baseload plant in Panay to support the energy requirements of the city and province.
“If Peco can’t get power from PPC, we can tap to the Napocor. But assuming Napocor’s Pinamucan plant in Dingle, Iloilo is operational, it can only supply us with about 40MW which is way low compared to our peak demand of 78MW,” Treñas said.
Treñas earlier voiced out support for the construction of a coal-fired plant in Panay, which is cheaper than a diesel-fired plant, as long as environment regulations are observed. (Published in The Guardian, December 20, 2005 issue)


  • Its a shame that Iloilo's economy has to suffer for some greedy people.

    Anyways, where did you get the article " AIRPORT FOR SALE". coz I'd like to know more details about it :) A lot of people here in the net are very interested about it.

    You are from The Guardian Right?, I just want to suggest updating your site more often... Don't get me wrong but, just look at the The News Today website. A lot of people are avid readers there because its updated regularly.

    Also ma comment lng ko about your news publication. A lot of people are already tired of politics that seem to be the topic of every newspaper in Iloilo, save The News Today...

    They put more focus on Business News and Features, positive news. They also publish the latest developments in Iloilo's new and future major developments.

    I hope you will take this criticism positively and I hope this will help you

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