Friday, November 11, 2005


Three minors accuse fratmen of rape

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

IN A period of five days, two minor-aged girls allegedly became sex slaves of three fraternity members in Cabatuan, Iloilo.
Records from Cabatuan police identified the victims as Sherlyn, 15, and Shiela Fe, 14, (not their real names), all of the said town.
According to Vanessa, 14, a friend of the two victims, last October 29, 2005, a certain Jovie Pelonia, 25, invited them to go to his home at Barangay Acao, Cabatuan for a party on November 2.
The three girls agreed and they met each other outside of the Cabatuan Catholic Cemetery and boarded a jeepney bound for Acao.
After a 30-minute ride, the trio arrived at Jovie’s house only to find out that there was no party after all. Instead, Pelonia invited them to the house of Joey Line at Barangay Salacay, Cabatuan.
Police said Pelonia and Line are members of an unidentified fraternity in Cabatuan.
After two hours of walking, the three girls and Pelonia arrived at Salacay around 7pm of November 2.
By 7:30pm, Line arrived and accommodated his visitors.
The victims’ ordeal began on the evening of November 3 when Rodolfo Cerego, also a friend of Pelonia and Line, allegedly abused Shiela Fe and Sherlyn.
Vanessa, the only girl who was not raped, alleged that Cerego, Pelonia and Line feasted on her two friends from November 3 to 6.
Vanessa added the suspects kept them locked inside the house and only gave them rice and sugarcane to eat.
On the evening of November 6, Jason, another friend of the suspects, and two unidentified women fetched the victims at Julie’s house.
From Salacay, Jason and the two women brought the victims to 95 Place, a videoke bar at Barangay Bolong Oeste, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo. But the management of the bar refused to accept the victims saying they were minors.
Jason planned to bring them to Boracay Island but failed.
While at Sta. Barbara, the victims asked Jason’s women companions to free them which they did.
Early this week, the family of the victims filed cases of rape against Line, Pelonia and Cerego.
Cerego remains at-large while the two suspects are now detained at the Iloilo Rehabilitation Center.
But Pelonia denied the allegations saying the three minors asked for his help to look for jobs.
Pelonia accommodated the three to his house but he transferred them to Line’s house at Salacay.
The three minors stayed at Salacay with Pelonia, Line and Cerego.
Pelonia said that for three days nothing happened to the three girls but Cerego admitted to the former having sex with Sherlyn. (Published in The Gaurdian-Western Visayas, November 12-13, 2005)


By Francis Allan L. Angelo

“SO what’s wrong if Montesclaros does business at the airport project?”
Short of defending his balaye, Iloilo Governor Niel Tupas said the contract between Montesclaros Construction and the Taisei-Shimizu Joint Venture (TSJV), contractor of the new Iloilo international airport project, “is their own affair.”
Tupas issued the statement after the House committee on good government chaired by Rep. Arthur Defensor (3rd district, Iloilo) learned on Wednesday that Montesclaros is the one supplying crushed rocks to TSJV and not Estancia-based businessman Melvin Requinto who is the permitee of the rock crusher at Barangay Caigon, Maasin, Iloilo.
Requinto claims he leased the crusher from Montesclaros who is based in Bukidnon province in Mindanao.
But Rep. Ferj Biron (4th district, Iloilo) said Requinto is a mere dummy of Montesclaros.
However, Tupas said there is nothing wrong with such setup.
“The committee is trying to connect me to the issue (since my balaye is involved). But that is the internal arrangement between Montesclaros and the Japanese contractor,” Tupas said.
The governor added Requinto already secured a permit to operate the crusher and “it is wrong to say that Montesclaros is the one supplying crushed rocks to the project.”
“The Japanese is only paying for the use of the crusher which is owned by my balaye. There is no need for Monteclaros to get a permit since he has no transaction with the provincial government,” Tupas said.
To dispel insinuations that only the family of the wife of his son Mayor Raul Tupas is operating a rock crusher for the airport project, Tupas said two other plants owned by Metro Alpha Construction and a certain Edgar Comoda are also running at Sta. Barbara town.
“It’s all politics. We should not wonder if they keep giving malice to this issue and at the same time link me to it. We all want the airport to be finished soon but look at what other people are doing,” Tupas said.
Already fed up with threats of House inquiries against his administration, Tupas said “they have alleged a lot of things (against me) but nothing has happened.”
Lately, Akbayan representative Risa Baraquel-Hontiveros passed a resolution to investigate alleged irregularities in the construction of the new capitol building.
But Tupas said he welcomes the investigation “so the people will know.”
As regards the delay in the airport project, Tupas said it is unlikely for the national government to rescind the contract with TSJV “since it would take more than four years to look for a new contractor.”
“What is important is that this airport will be finished as soon as possible. The original completion target was October 2006. But under present circumstances, the project might be over in the middle of 2007,” Tupas said.
Earlier, Rep. Rolex Suplico, who is Tupas’s nephew, called for the rescission of the contract with TSJV due to the 55 percent slippage of the project which is a grievous mistake for government infrastructure projects. (Published in The Gaurdian-Western Visayas, November 12-13, 2005)


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