Wednesday, November 30, 2005


ON THEIR TOES. Molo cops keep the peace at Barangay Boulevard to more retributions against Calaparan folks.

Burglar’s death ignites violence
between Molo, Arevalo barangays

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

UNLESS local officials do something about it, residents of two barangays in Molo and Arevalo, Iloilo City might figure in a violent spree over the death of a burglar last week.
Residents of Barangays Boulevard, Molo are exacting revenge on every resident of Zone 10, 11 and 12 in Calaparan, Arevalo to avenge the death of Rodolfo Benosa.
Benosa, 36, of Zone 3 Barangay Boulevard was lynched to death by residents of Barangay Calaparan Friday for allegedly looting several houses in the latter village.
Benosa died of a neck injury aside from bruises and a gunshot wound on the back.
On Sunday evening, several friends and relatives of Benosa from Barangay Boulevard allegedly put up a checkpoint at Crossing Sambag near the boundary of the two villages.
At the checkpoint, the Boulevard folks flagged down every jeepney passing through the checkpoint and asked the passengers if who among them are from Calaparan.
Calaparan native Jomarie Abayon who was on board a Calumpang jeepney presented himself and asked the people at the checkpoint of their purpose.
Without any provocation, one of Boulevard folks stabbed Abayon on the body.
Abayon was brought to the Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital for treatment while the suspects fled.
Around 2am Monday, a certain Robles died at the IDH after being stabbed by the same Boulevard group.
Robles was riding his bicycle to the Fishing Port Area when the suspects ganged up on him.
Aside from Abayon and Robles, four other Calaparan residents were also mauled by the Boulevard residents.
Although Insp. Frankie Lugo, Molo PNP chief, identified a cousin of Benosa as the leader of the Boulevard group, he denied somebody was killed in Sunday night rampage.
Lugo also deployed his personnel to put up a checkpoint at Bangga Sambag in Boulevard to deter further violent incidents.
Meanwhile, Punong Barangays Cecilia Nava of Calaparan and Arlindo Espia already met to discuss the problem.
Espia said he already deployed his tanods to prevent his constituents from harming residents from the neighboring barangay.
But Espia said the suspects outwitted the tanods by putting up their checkpoint at barious points from 2 to 4am.
Espia also said there is the possibility of the Calaparan folks to “invade” Barangay Boulevard thus exacerbating the volatile situation.
Nava urged her counterpart to keep his constituents at bay and prevent more bloodshed.
“I have been swamped with complaints from my constituents so I hope Punong Barangay Espia can do something about this problem,” Nava said.
Nava added Boulevards folks and Benosa’s relatives cannot blame her constituents for killing the alleged burglar “since he is very notorious in our area.”
But who really killed Benosa?
An anonymous letter to Bombo Radyo pointed to a certain SPO2 Rosario Ramos as the one who broke Benosa’s neck.
The letter-writer, apparently a resident of Barangay Calaparan, accused Ramos of steeping on the suspected burglar’s neck despite his plea for mercy.
The unknown author also warned Boulevard residents to spare Calaparan folks “for we will not hesitate to fight back wherever you go.”
Benosa’s family said they are still waiting for results of the autopsy to determine te cause of his death.

LaPaz cops sleeping on the job?

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

CRITICISM rained on members of the LaPaz district PNP for reportedly sleeping inside the police station on Sunday evening.
But officers of the said station they deliberately slept on their job.
The brouhaha began when two suspects snatched the wallet of Josephine Patriarca, 29, of Aquino-Nobleza Streets, Janiuay, Iloilo 4:45am Sunday in front of the LaPaz public market.
With the assistance of Bombo Radyo reporter Peter John Bayasca, Patriarca went to the LaPaz police station to complain.
But when they arrived at the police precinct, Patriarca and Bayasca said they saw PO1 Alfonso Redonda sleeping on the complaint desk.
Bayasca said he roused Redonda from slumber and told him about Patriarca’s concern.
Redonda and Bayasca then went to the investigation room and woke up SPO2 Wilson Allona, PO2 Wilson Sompio and PO1 Jerry Bayahay.
Bayasca said the trio was sound asleep and even forgot the key to mobile patrol as they were about to conduct a hot pursuit operation.
Bayasca said he had difficulty waking up the police as they were sleeping soundly. He also noticed the TV set was turned on while the cops were in slumber
In an interview with The Guardian, Redonda admitted he fell asleep while manning the complaint desk “but I immediately woke up and attended to Patriarca’s problem.”
Redonda said Allona, Sompio and Bayahay went back to their station around 4am already after doing patrol rounds the whole Saturday evening at the benefit dances in Barangays Lapuz Norte, Sinikway and Railway.
“Naturally, they were very tired after an evening of patrol work. But despite that, we responded to Patriarca’s complaint,” Redonda said.
In fact, the LaPaz cops immediately arrested suspects Alfonso Lim, 28, and Donde Columbres, 28, both of Barangay Rizal.
But the police officers did not recover Patriarca’s wallet containing P480 cash, US$60 and various ID cards.
SPO3 Alex Amable said he gave Patriarca money so she can go home to Janiuay.
LaPaz PNP chief Alejandro Apostol even congratulated his men for the speedy arrest of the suspects.
“Our police officers are also human and we must understand them if they sometimes fall asleep while on night duty. But what is important here is that we responded immediately and solved the crime,” Apostol said.


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