Saturday, November 19, 2005


Syjuco couple lashes back at Mejorada

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

VISIBLY hurt by accusations thrown against them, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) chief Augusto “Boboy” Syjuco and wife Rep. Judy Syjuco (2nd district, Iloilo) warned Gov. Niel Tupas of another “political holy war” if the latter fails to stop Provincial Administrator Manuel Mejorada from besmirching their reputations.
Appearing before Bombo Radyo anchorman Novie Guazo over Zona Libre, the beleaguered couple called Mejorada a “bandit, terrorist, liar, an attack dog and extortionist out to milk money.”
Mejorada accused the Syjucos of abandoning the second district and funneling public funds to the Tagipusuon Foundation.
“Knowing (Boy) Mejorada, I did not take this seriously, as I took it to be his style and standards operating procedure, the kuratong way of attack-and-collect-defend-and-collect kay man malapit na gid man ang paskua (because Christmas is approaching),” Augusto said.
Augusto said he is wandering why Mejorada launched the “personal lynching” against him and Judy “when elections are still over a year and half away.”
While he did refused to justify “the lies and fabrications” made by Mejorada, the Tesda secretary-general enumerated his accomplishments to prove they did not abandon the 2nd district.
“The education for all I started eight years ago has delivered clothes and school supplies to elementary students for many years. This was initially funded by personal money and then with additional government grants both of which amounted to P70million,” he said.
As regards the kabir chicken dispersal which Mejorada labeled as anomalous, Augusto said some 80,000 kabirs were given out for free to some 35,000 households at the second district.
“On the matter of fertilizers, we have given out to a few of the farmers at the second district all that came from the small and inadequate amount provided by the government and we followed government procedures and requirements,” he said.
The former second district representative said even the provincial government received larger amount of fertilizer “which I have not been provided either with a copy of that liquidation report from the provincial administrator.”
Meanwhile, Judy said she has accomplished millions worth of infrastructure projects since she assumed the helm of the second district.
The Syjucos also lambasted Mejorada for going after their finances when the latter refused them to gain access to the capitol financial records.
Augusto also warned Tupas to “restrain his dog from biting.”
“The owner has the responsibility to teach his dog good habits or else my ire will fall upon the owner and not the canine,” Augusto said.
The Syjucos reminded Tupas that “we are the only friends you have left” after all other congressmen in the province joined in the investigation of the Iloilo international airport.
Although the couple was disappointed with “the lack of moral power” of Senate President Franklin Drilon over Tupas and Mejorada, “we still respect him.”
Judy also wandered how her letter to Drilon asking the latter to discourage Mejorada from making more attacks at them ended up at in the hands of the provincial administrator. “That was a privileged communication.”
“We just hope the governor will put an end to all of this mudslinging to keep the peace within the Liberal Party. I can still forgive Mejorada but not for long. And I don’t think he is serious in running for congressman at the second district,” Augusto said.
In a text message, Mejorada expressed disappointment over the Syjucos response to his challenge.
“They should answer what happened to their P100-million pork barrel that went to their foundation, the P3.25-million fertilizer fund and the P4.2-million kabir project,” Mejorada said.


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