Wednesday, October 12, 2005

lingering fear

nowadays, reading the newspapers and listening to the news give us the creeps... heck, martial law is approaching daw... we can see it through EO 464 which bars top government officials from appearing before congressional and senate inquiries... the CPR (calibrated preemptive response for the political idiots) or a more painful definition would be cruel and painful response.... then wer have the national emergency ek-ek... whew... are we doomed to be ruled by opportunists, dictators and despots... what have we done that we were accursed with inept leaders like actors, actresses, lunatics (do i hear Madam Miriam?), former athletes and military men, disgruntled relatives of some fallen plunderer and other scums of the world?
does this call for a revolution? but what if the so-called reformists are no different from those we want out of our system? sounds grim and hopeless but that's the truth... i think we should go back to history and learn what went wrong...


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