Thursday, October 27, 2005


Cop blown to bits

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

A PAROLEE who went berserk literally blasted to bits two police officers of San Dionisio, Iloilo who tried to restrain him Wednesday afternoon.
The suspect, Jose Edsel “Kabug” Francisco, 32, of Barangay Agdaliran, San Dionisio and SPO1 Mike Talaban died of massive injuries due to improvised dynamites thrown by the former.
The dynamites were fashioned from bottles containing ammonium nitrate.
The incident occurred 6:30pm the other day at Barangay Agdaliran, 18 kilometers from San Dionisio proper.
Talaban, the chief investigator of the said town, received a call about a man who ran amuck by throwing explosives around Agdaliran.
Along with PO2 Rey Bedua, Talaban responded to the incident on board a motorcycle.
The two cops stumbled upon the bloodied Jefferson Pajonilla, elder brother of a 10-year-old girl whom Francisco allegedly raped.
Talaban also found out that Francisco already set to fire his own house and Pajonilla’s.
He tried to convince Francisco who was hiding in a nipa hut to surrender but the latter cannot be swayed.
While in the middle of the negotiations, Francisco emerged from the hut brandishing an improvised explosive in one hand.
Talaban attempted to grab the dynamite but it was too late as Francisco already threw the deadly device towards the rushing cop.
The sheer impact of the explosion ripped apart Talaban’s groin and abdomen and disintegrated his scrotum and penis.
Bedua rushed Talaban to Sara District Hospital (SDH) but the latter died a few minutes due to massive hemorrhage.
Despite the fate of his fellow cop, Bedua went back to Barangay Agdaliran to arrest Francisco.
But the suspect chose death over incarceration by blowing himself up with his own weapon.
The dynamite also blew Francisco’s right arm to bits aside from lacerations on his abdomen, cheeks and legs.
Bedua also sustained cuts on various parts of his body due to flying shrapnel from the homemade dynamite.
Francisco expired at the SDH 11:20am yesterday while Pajonilla and Bedua are recuperating at the same hospital.
According to SPO1 Gilbert Gonzales, San Dionisio PNP investigator, Francisco was charged with rape by the Pajonillas three weeks ago.
Francisco, a native of Negros Occidental, went out of prison on parole one year ago. He moved to San Dionisio where he worked as a fisherman, thus his ownership of the improvised dynamites.
Gonzales said Francisco went berserk after he was charged with rape. “He did not want to go back to prison since he is still on parole.”
Tthe remains Talaban and Francisco lie in a funeral parlor at San Dionisio.


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