Monday, October 31, 2005


Two dead in sibling fights

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

THREE pairs of brothers belonging to three different families in Molo, Iloilo City and Passi City must have thought of joining today’s All Saints’ Day in a way different from the common practice of the living.
They must have ambitioned to join their dead by stabbing and shooting each other.
As a result of their deadly actions, two of them were killed.
The first Cain-and-Abel incident occurred at Zone 3, Barangay San Juan, Molo 12:10am yesterday when Dexter Lee, 17, repeatedly stabbed his brother Roland, 25, with a steel bar.
According to the Molo PNP report, Roland came home drunk and attempted to stab their father Rodolfo, 40, with the same steel bar. Roland also threatened to detonate a grenade inside their house.
Roland’s brother Dexter, who was watching TV with their parents, reacted to Roland violent ways. Filled with rage, Dexter grabbed the steel bar from Roland and stabbed the latter with it 32 times.
Neighbors and relatives rushed Roland to the Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital (IDH) but expired minutes later.
Roland and Dexter are among the 10 children of Rodolfo and Linda.
Bruce, brother to both suspect and victim, said Roland is the “black sheep” of their family and would usually hurt any of them every time he got intoxicated.
“He is a drunkard and he was unemployed,” Bruce said.
The father said they will not file charges against Dexter who is now detained at the Molo PNP lockup cell.
In Barangay Buyo, Passi City around 12:30am, Lito Pinuela shot his half-brother Steve Cerbo.
The two were having a drinking spree when Cerbo attempted to shoot Pinuela with a gun of unknown caliber.
However the gun did not fire, giving Pinuela the chance to seize it from Cerbo and successfully shot the latter on the chest, nape and right knee.
Cerbo died at the Passi City District Hospital.
Just like the case of the Lees in Molo, the Passi City PNP said Cerbo was “a cruel brother and son to their family.”
Later afternoon yesterday in West Habog-Habog, Molo, John De La Cruz stabbed his own brother Rolly on the back.
Fortunately, the stab wound was not fatal. Rolly is now recuperating at the IDH.
The Molo police said the two brothers have been at odds for some time now.
John remains at large as of presstime last night. (Published in The Guardian-Iloilo City November 1-2, 2005 issue)


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